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  • I love CW. I have always operated this mode but early on in my ham radio career I did operate SSB quite a lot. In May 2007 I was asked to join FOC, the First-Class CW Operators Club. No it doesn't mean I am the best CW operator around. It simply means I abide by some pretty good standards and I have been recognized by my peers as doing so. If you would like additional information on this fine organization please visit our web site at:

    I am also a member of FISTS. It is another fine organization that promotes CW. Visit their web site at:

    I am a Life Member of the ARRL. While I may not always agree with what they say I will always support their voice. If it were not for the ARRL we amateurs would not enjoy the modes, frequencies, activities, and benefits we have. If you are not a member of ARRL I would encourage you to do so NOW. Also I am a member of the A-1 Operator Club which is an award given by the ARRL. Visit the ARRL web site at:


    I am a member of the Findlay Radio Club, W8FT. It is quite a club and very blessed with dedicated workers and resources. W8FT is always involved in something. Feel free to visit our page at:


    I am a member of the Bluffton Baptist Church where I teach an adult Bible class on Sunday mornings. I have been a teacher for one age group or another for many years. Our church is around 30 years old and was actually started in our living room as a Bible Study. In addition to teaching/leading I am an usher, serve as a trustee, and am the financial secretary. You can see our web site at:


    Since retirement in 2004 the Lord has blessed me in many ways. First of all he has given me good health. I am handy with my hands. I also have time to give back to Him who has given me so much. One way I have been able to give back is through the North American Mission Board and it's organization of Baptist Builders. I am associated with the Buckeye Baptist Builders but they have no web site. However the North American Mission Board does and here it is:


    My wife and I love to travel. Since retirement we have made a few trips to California, The Grand Canyon, Alaska, and Florida. Please see our photo section for pictures of where we have been.


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